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The South Carolina House of Representatives has withdrawn $52,000 from the College of Charleston for including Alison Bechdel's brilliant, celebrated memoir Fun Home in its summer reading program.


Representative Garry Smith said that the book "didn't merit scholarly consideration" because it "graphically shows lesbian acts." He led the campaign to withdraw the funds. $52,000 is the cost of the entire summer reading program.


To its credit, the college is refusing to allow its reading choices to be affected. College president P. George Benson said, "Any legislative attempt to tie institutional funding to what books are taught, or who teaches them, threatens the credibility and reputation of all South Carolina public universities."


I would certainly contribute to a fundraiser to make up the colleges' shortfall, especially if they'd guarantee that the funds would go to a program whose readings consisted entirely of things that Representative Garry Smith didn't like.

Update: In the comments, Tim​stellmach writes, "Money has been put where my mouth is. For reference, the name of the program in question is "The College Reads!", and the college's donation page is at

Above Copied from Boing Boing.

I'm donating 10$. It isn't much but I intend to send it with a pleasant, yet pointed note in the name of said Senator. Perhaps you might consider doing the same? Let me know if you do.

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Please read.

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The person starting this rumor has a history of trolling and abusive behavior. More info can be found here:

wherein this person has a series of tweets about LJ that are not true


here, where there is a rational conversation about why this accusation does not add up.

I hope everyone who picked up this rumor and blogged it as true will pick up the flipside as well. I was really enjoying the LJ renaissance, and I'd hate to lose my FList again for something that is patently untrue.

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I hope none of you ever need the information. But if you do, I am also someone who will listen, believe you, and do what I can to help.

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Apparently, there is a movement to get all of us LJ folk back up and POSTING again. Tumblr is cool, but it sucks donkey dong for conversation. And I LIKE CONVERSATION OKAY.

So. I am making this post public and asking one important question:


Let's talk about and TO people who are posting, who are chatting, who are here and plan on staying.

Also hey, if you wanna talk about anything else I am down for that too. Ask me something! Tell me something! TOUCH ME I NEED TO FEEL ATTRACTIVE.

And for all you Tumblr folk who need to ease into this posting platform again, here's a lil something to make you feel at home.


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Yeah, I know I know, nobody does archives anymore. But Heather and Carly spoil me rotton, and so has moved to a new server, and my personal website, Almighty!GAH has been cleaned and updated to be more disability friendly- not to mention GORGEOUS.

Ladies, I salute your talent and dedication to my utter and complete techno-stupidity.

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A short film that won all kinds of well deserved awards. The Walking Dead WISHES it was this good.


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I've told this story several times in the past, but it still gives me chills.

My Uncle HenryCollapse )

Never forget.

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